FirstPlay® Waiver & Release


What is FirstPlay?

FirstPlay® is an Infant Play Therapy Model that combines simple storytelling with playful massage therapy techniques to foster attachment and bonding between parents and infants.  FirstPlay® has a solid foundation in Developmental Play Therapy as well as the neurosciences. It is a preventative model that teaches parents meaningful ways to connect with their babies with respect, love, and fun. The FirstPlay® model pairs storytelling with gentle infant massage following a specific story/script and routine. A Certified FirstPlay® Practitioner shows the parent how to perform the routine using a doll and models engagement, gentle touch, and playful interaction, side by side with the parent(s) and baby. Instruction is provided by a Certified FirstPlay® Practitioner, certified and endorsed through Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies, Inc. 



FirstPlay® classes are open to parents/guardians of infants. The baby must be at least 4 weeks old (adjusted age), pre-crawling, and in good general health.  If your baby was discharged home from NICU with any medical equipment such as heart monitor, oxygen, breathing treatments, etc., please consult with your pediatrician prior to the first class. Priority will be given to families currently enrolled in the TEACUP® Preemie Program and other parents of premature infants.


Preparing for Class

TEACUP® will provide items for comfort during the class sessions.  These items (a padded floor seat for participants, a “newborn lounger” pillow for infants) remain the property of The Children’s Healing Institute. You are encouraged to bring blankets, soft toys, and other items for your child’s comfort.  You may choose to bring an oil or lotion for the massage.  Oils – sweet almond, jojoba, grapeseed, or other food grade oils – are recommended because of their warming quality and safety of application.


Attending Class

The TEACUP Preemie Program® will offer FirstPlay® classes in four weekly sessions over the course of four weeks.  Classes are provided free of charge; there will be no exchange of monies or goods for services. 


Participants are strongly encouraged to commit to all four sessions to receive the maximum benefit of the instruction and experience.  Should you need to cancel, you must notify the TEACUP Preemie Program® at least 24 hours in advance of the class.



FirstPlay® is a gentle, non-invasive technique, and all touch administered to your infant is provided by you as the parent or caregiver.  The instructor will demonstrate all techniques with a doll. 


We encourage you to consult your pediatrician regarding any concerns regarding the safety of FirstPlay® for your child. If your infant experiences any pain or discomfort during the session, you must stop immediately and inform your instructor. 


By completing registration for the FirstPlay® classes, I affirm that I understand and agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined above.  I also understand that my participation in FirstPlay® includes physical movements as well as sitting on the floor, kneeling and standing.  As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. If I experience any pain or discomfort, I understand I should discontinue the activity, and ask for support from the FirstPlay® instructor. By completing registration, I also affirm that I am in good health and physical condition to participate in this program, or if I am not sure, I will consult my health care provider.  Additionally, I affirm that my baby is in good health and physical condition to participate in this program, or if I am not sure, I will consult his/her pediatrician.


I have read and fully understand the guidelines for the FirstPlay® program and agree to the above terms of this Waiver and Release Form.  I am registering voluntarily and recognize that my resgistration serves as complete and unconditional release of The Children’s Healing Institute, TEACUP Preemie Program® and Certified FirstPlay® Practitioner of any liability for any personal injury or loss of personal property.